Disposable gloves are an integral part of many industries. From food services to medical labs to law enforcement, disposable gloves offer protection and cleanliness to their users. Disposable gloves also aid in preventing the contamination, both to the products and to the worker. Disposable gloves help protect the worker from being exposed to whatever substance they are handling, whether it be blood or contaminants. Many industries require the use of disposable gloves for those who are in a specific line of work. For example, food service providers must wear disposable gloves if they are handling the food being served to customers. Cleanroom workers also have to wear disposable gloves to protect the delicate balance of their environment. Also, law enforcement must use disposable gloves when handling crime scene evidence.

Total Source Manufacturing carries the best names in disposable gloves, including DuraShield. DuraShield is an industry leader in disposable gloves, offering range of materials such as latex and vinyl. Depending on the requirements of use, a certain type of disposable glove may be better suited for your particular workplace needs. Latex disposable gloves are a common type of glove used by the food service industry because they are affordable and disposable but still prevent the common germ contamination that may arise from bare hands touching food. DuraShield takes pride in producing high quality, consistent performing, superior fitting and strong disposable gloves. They have earned a reputation as being an industry leader and are trusted by many organizations to be the sole supplier for their disposable glove needs. Whether disposable glove use is mandatory or obligatory in your profession, using disposable gloves is a smart idea for preventing contamination and keeping the workplace safe. Disposable gloves substantially limit the exposure to substances you are in contact with and can protect both yourself and your environment.

All DuraShield gloves have the following qualities:

Low Extractable:
Low level of extractable chemicals and soluble proteins lower the incidents of allergic reactions for both the users and patients. This is made possible by our special manufacturing techniques.

High Tensile Strength:
To minimize tearing when donning. Quality controlled through tests carried out before and after accelerated ageing.

Superior Fit:
Accurate forming ensures a comfortable fit. Beaded and reinforced cuff, for ease of donning and no roll-down.

Consistency in Quality:
Painstaking attention to details in production ensure consistency in quality to provide the superb barrier protection that is the hallmark of DuraShield.

Credentials :
ISO 9002, FDA registered, TUV certified, EN46002

DuraShield produces a wide range of disposable latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves tailor-made for specific requirements. We produce gloves for the Cleanroom, Medical, and Non-Medical industries where glove use is mandatory.

We utilize sophisticated dipping technology and proprietary formulations to produce consistent, reliable results. All gloves are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and follow the stringent requirements set by the various regulatory bodies locally and internationally.

Division Products:
Latex Comfort-Grip Gloves (Powder Free, 9 Inch)
Latex High Risk, Ultra Safe Gloves (Powder-Free, 15 Inch, 10 Mil)
Latex High Risk, Ultra Safe, Powder-Free Gloves (12 Inch, 10 Mil)
Latex Sensi-Grip Exam Gloves (Lightly Powdered, 9 Inch)
Latex Sure-Grip Exam Gloves (Powder Free, 9 Inch)
Latex Techni-Grip Gloves (Powder Free, 9 Inch)
Nitrile Precision-Grip Gloves (Lightly Powdered, 9 Inch)
Nitrile Precision-Grip Gloves (Powder Free, 9 Inch)
Nitrile Precision-Grip High Risk Gloves (Powder Free, 9 Inch)
Polyethylene Food Handling Gloves
Vinyl Pure-Grip Exam Gloves (Lightly Powdered, 9 Inch)
Vinyl Pure-Grip Exam Gloves (Powder Free, 9 Inch)