DuraShield produces a wide range of disposable latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves tailor-made for specific requirements. We produce gloves for the Cleanroom, Medical, and Non-Medical industries where glove use is mandatory.

We utilize sophisticated dipping technology and proprietary formulations to produce consistent, reliable results. All gloves are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and follow the stringent requirements set by the various regulatory bodies locally and internationally.

All DuraShield gloves have the following qualities:

Low Extractable:
Low level of extractable chemicals and soluble proteins lower the incidents of allergic reactions for both the users and patients. This is made possible by our special manufacturing techniques.

High Tensile Strength:
To minimize tearing when donning. Quality controlled through tests carried out before and after accelerated ageing.

Superior Fit:
Accurate forming ensures a comfortable fit. Beaded and reinforced cuff, for ease of donning and no roll-down.

Consistency in Quality:
Painstaking attention to details in production ensure consistency in quality to provide the superb barrier protection that is the hallmark of DuraShield. Credentials :
ISO 9002, FDA registered, TUV certified, EN46002

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